Christmas Angels Church Stage Design

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These four-metre tall angels lit up our Christmas Stage design.
Angels are a wondrously mystical element to the Christmas narrative, however, they have always proven difficult to represent creatively.
We desired to create a friendly atmosphere that welcomed people to celebrate Christmas together while at the same time not sanitising these mystical beings who clearly instil fear into everyone they appear before. For us, this design turned out to be a great balance to the two, though we were never entirely sure they would work out the entire way through the creating process.
Because the angels were completely made out of white material with a white face mask we chose to keep the remainder of the stage black with no other design elements other than lighting.
We found the design was best lit with two coloured lights, one from behind and one from in front. This allowed us to create some nice colour blends on the angels.

Creating the angel wings and body

The body and wings of the angels were entirely made out of two pieces of white fabric each.
The wings were made of 3m x 8m fabric.

Step 1 & 2

We pleated the fabric while stapling the ends to 2.8m of dressed pine which we had painted black.

Step 3 & 4

We took the outer edges and pinched them together in the middle and used a needle and thread to hold them in place.

Step 5 & 6

The body of the angels were made of a second piece of fabric that was also 3m wide and hung over a coat hanger that was suspended by a black rope from the dressed pine. When creating this design we had a huge amount of excess fabric left over from a previous project. These pieces were 20 metres long and we left the excess to sit on the floor.

Creating Angel Heads

The Angel heads were made using masks bought for $5 from a craft store. We used a balloon to create the shape of the head and paper mache’d the rest of the head. We added some extra details like ears and eyelids but in the end we felt that the angels needed to have hoods over their heads and the details were not obviously visible.